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zkanji in Unicode

I’ve planned for a long time now to convert zkanji to a fully Unicode program. Why is Unicode good for us and why doesn’t zkanji used Unicode since the beginning? (I won’t answer the second part of the question.)

If zkanji were using Unicode:

  1. It could be translated into many languages without much work from my part. (This is not entirely true, because preparing a program to be used in many languages is a lot of work, but it would be way easier to test.)
  2. It could be used from any folder, independent of the language of the OS.
  3. You could give group names anything you want, even using Japanese characters.
  4. The characters that can be used in any program not using Unicode in Windows depends on a single language setting. This wouldn’t cause any more problems.
  5. Custom dictionary entries could use characters from any language, even mixed, and not just the single one selected for “non-Unicode programs” in Windows.
  6. Entering Japanese text for dictionary searches could use the Japanese IME built into Windows. (Not sure if this is a good thing though.)
  7. zkanji data could be exchanged easily between users from different parts of the world with different native languages (and different OS languages).

I have probably left out many things but even this much is enough for me to start thinking about converting the program to Unicode. You, the users won’t notice anything at all while I’m working on the conversion, maybe only that the user data files are a little bit bigger than usual and probably the program will use a bit more memory as well. I will still try to release new versions with useful stuff and the Unicodification (made that up) won’t be noticeable in the user interface. Right until it’s ready. Unfortunately I will have to get a newer version of the compiler too, because the current one just doesn’t support my Unicode needs… (Actually this is the reason why zkanji is not using Unicode yet.)

EDIT: removed stupid introduction. Altered some of the points.

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