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Bugfix version soon

The latest version or last few versions of zkanji had a bug. (I admit this is not news to most people who have been following the development of the program.) Fortunately that bug is not serious, it simply causes a scary “Access violation” message on program startup (but not always),  but in most cases can’t make any other problems. The program has another, more alarming bug though. I was neglecting the old word tests, as I’ve completely switched to using and developing the long-term study list instead, but that’s no excuse in letting bugs pop up here and there. The bug only appears when you have a suspended test and then quit the program. The next time the program runs the test and a round is over, the program freezes. This means that even if you suspend a test, you shouldn’t quit zkanji, or even if you do, you should reset that test and start over. The bug is already fixed, but I want to fix a few smaller ones before I release the next version of the program. This time I won’t sit on it too long… hopefully.

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