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N3 progress…

After some work on N3/N2 word placements I found that it makes no sense to keep the progress on the side bar. I went through a book that was written for N3 and marked most words that I found in it. I don’t agree with some choices but most part it’s OK. I’ll remove the mark from words where I can’t agree and when that’s done, it’ll be a little programming work to set the marked words as N3 (plus some similar words) and the final list will be done. I can hopefully post my N3 kanji list very soon, and then I’ll upload a new zkanji version as well that will not only have N3 kanji but N level for words will be indicated too. (The automatic word selection for the long-term study list will only come after that.)

I haven’t yet decided whether I want to share my version of the JLPT vocabulary list as public domain, but unless someone asks me to use it in their program, it has no importance anyway. (Even less before the list is done.)

UPDATE: The N3 kanji list is now final, but it seems that there are some important words missing from the current JLPT vocabulary list, which are most probably included in the updated JLPT since 2010. These are mainly words that don’t have any kanji, for example インターネット, just to name one that was not part of the old list. The first word missing that I noticed while checking the example test on the official JLPT site was ホテル, but for some reason it was not included in previous vocabulary. Yet it can be in N5.

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