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zkanji v0.71 – bugfix release

There were quite a number of nasty sneaky evil bugs in v0.7 that for some reason only appeared once I released that version. Everything that was reported to me or I found since that is now fixed in v0.71. Please download this version if you have v0.7 and don’t want bad surprises. I hope I haven’t caused inconveniences to anyone…

The full changes log:

-Option to search in online dictionaries added to the dictionary popup menu.
-Correctly finding the furigana for many words that contain numbers or wide English characters. (Only works when reading can be determined from all characters separately.)
-Fixed: “Access violation in USP10.dll” that sometimes occured on startup and when showing the popup dictionary for the first time.
-Fixed: when a single kanji is selected in the dictionary the popup menu shows the copy options for kanji instead of showing the copy options for selections.
-Fixed: showing word examples of previous kanji in kanji group list when selecting a new kanji, if a filter string was entered.
-Fixed: bad placement of some windows in a multi monitor environment. The kanji hint window always appeared on the main monitor and the handwriting recognizer window stuck to the window side.
-Fixed: deleting items from filtered word group lists didn’t work correctly.
-Fixed: word filtering in kanji group or word group lists didn’t give katakana results.
-Fixed: in the kanji groups list window, when it is impossible to find the furigana of a word’s kanji, the kanji reading always defaults to the first “reading” which is used for irregular cases, to prevent an exception to occur.
-Fixed: pasting wide English characters to kanji input boxes always resulted in lower case characters.
-Fixed: Sometimes the popup dictionary didn’t search when typing in it.
-Fixed: artefacts appearing in the text area of the update window when resizing.
-Fixed: filter button wasn’t unpressed when selecting another word in the example sentences.
-Fixed: not freeing memory allocated when showing filters popup menu.
-Fixed: allowed selection of non-kanji elements in the kanji information window even when the stroke order data was not loaded.

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