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Work in progress…

I have started working on a new data format which will hopefully be safer, easier to manage and will allow new features to be made without much less pain than they would be now. The “only” disadvantage will be more memory usage and the user data will take up more space as I explained previously.

Here are a few things that will be different from the user’s point of view: (I’m sure this is what everyone is curious about)

  • It will be no longer possible to copy single files between users’ computers to share your dictionary or other user data.
  • As datafiles will be more sensitive, it will be better if you don’t tamper with them. Because of this,
  • zkanji will have proper export/import functions to share every single data I can come up with. This includes: dictionary changes, kanji groups, word groups, long-term study lists, normal study groups and their data (which I plan to get rid of and simply have word groups that can be used for testing, though not right away.)
  • You will be able to modify every aspect of the English dictionary entries, adding and deleting entries as needed. (It would still be better if you could also contribute to the JMDict project!)
  • When a new dictionary is out with a new program version, with entries different to your current data (for example if you modified the dictionary or the original definition/word data changed), you will be able to select whether you want to go with the changes (and which changed word definition you will keep in a group if one was affected), or keep your own version. – ONLY for words you already have in groups or study lists. Words that you changed but are not stored in a group will be automatically overwritten with the new version. Nothing will be deleted just because it is not in the new data.
  • There will be no more restriction on the example sentences data, any version will work with any dictionary.  (This is only true for data in new releases. Dictionary/Sentences data included in v0.717 or below won’t work.)

I’m not yet sure whether I will do this, but I might release a program for creating zkanji dictionary data directly from JMDict. The reason I’m not sure is that I would have to write one, as the current version uses PERL, a scripting language that requires its own interpreter. (Although it can be downloaded for free. People usually don’t install stuff on their computers they don’t use (unless it is from monster companies like Microsoft or Google which force it on you).)

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