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TODO list for v0.719

Because currently (as in the past year) SourceForge can’t show that there was progress in a project, I’ve decided to make a list here showing what is done and what needs to be finished before I can release v0.719. (It will be a test version, the final version will be v0.73) Once that version is out, I’ll only fix bugs before releasing the final. The more people willing to help me test, the sooner will that happen.

The list shows the features broken up into steps needed to finish them. (I will only add the steps once I start working on a feature.)

  1. User data and dictionary export/import: DONE
  2. Fine tuning program update: DONE
  3. Backup for old user data so if people come complaining because I screwed up, I can tell them it’s not lethal. DONE
  4. Fixing bugs users posted since the last release.
  5. Release

Update: I won’t be listing further progress here, because going over the reported bugs and writing a description for them here would be as much work as the fix in some cases. (You will probably notice the release too.)

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  1. Ed
    March 25, 2013 at 5:08 am

    Woohoo. Being able to export import my long term kanji study list would be awesome sauce. Thanks for the hard work. Best app I’ve used for Kanji learning so far

    • March 25, 2013 at 3:59 pm

      I first planned to allow exporting and importing the long-term list but changed my mind. You can always copy your user data files to another zkanji data folder if you need to move your data.

      The main purpose of export and import is not backup, but sharing data between students. Sharing study progress makes no sense. Only the list of words to study should be shared, but if you keep all your long-term study words in a word group as well, which can be shared, others can study the same words as you do.

      If you need to, look for the “Open user settings/data folder” menu item in the File menu. There is a “data” folder In the opened folder, which contains all the data you have to copy. It is enough to copy files with the zkg, zkd and zsp extensions. (This might change in the near future.) You have to make sure you use the same dictionary in the other zkanji where you want to copy these.

  2. Kanjifan
    March 27, 2013 at 4:01 pm

    Here are some suggestions:

    1. Stroke-Order Animations:

    a) The player should have an “endless-playing” option.
    b) The hiragana/katakana animations should always be available, not only when making a writing exercice.

    2. Kanji:

    a) The jinmeiyô kanji list seems incomplete. Wikipedia says it contents 631 kanji plus 212 traditional variants of jôyô kanji plus 18 traditional variants of jinmeiyô kanji , but zkanji shows only 629 kanji.

    b) Besides the shinjitai (simplified kanji), the kyûjitai (traditional kanji) should also be available, e.g. 亞 for 亜.

    I also have the problem that I cannot display some traditional characters, only a rectangle appears, for example 器 for the modern character 器 (I use Win XP Home SP 3). I have been told in higher Windows versions the display works, but since I had to reinstall my computer some time ago, I don’t want to change my Windows again and completely – and risk software incompabilities. How can I display the kanji in XP Home?

    Here is a list of the jôyô kanj that have kyûjitai forms. Notice also that 弁 maps to three different characters (辨 瓣 辯). Altogether, there are 364 pairs.

    Source: http://namakajiri.net/nikki/list-of-official-shinjitai/

    亜 亞 悪 惡 圧 壓 囲 圍 為 爲 医 醫 壱 壹 逸 逸 稲 稻 隠 隱
    営 營 栄 榮 衛 衞 駅 驛 謁 謁 円 圓 縁 緣 艶 艷 塩 鹽 奥 奧
    応 應 横 橫 欧 歐 殴 毆 黄 黃 温 溫 穏 穩 仮 假 価 價 禍 禍
    画 畫 会 會 壊 壞 悔 悔 懐 懷 海 海 絵 繪 慨 慨 概 槪 拡 擴
    殻 殼 覚 覺 学 學 岳 嶽 楽 樂 喝 喝 渇 渴 褐 褐 勧 勸 巻 卷
    寛 寬 歓 歡 漢 漢 缶 罐 観 觀 関 關 陥 陷 器 器 既 既 帰 歸
    気 氣 祈 祈 亀 龜 偽 僞 戯 戲 犠 犧 旧 舊 拠 據 挙 擧 虚 虛
    峡 峽 挟 挾 狭 狹 郷 鄕 響 響 暁 曉 勤 勤 謹 謹 区 區 駆 驅
    勲 勳 薫 薰 径 徑 恵 惠 掲 揭 渓 溪 経 經 継 繼 茎 莖 蛍 螢
    軽 輕 鶏 鷄 芸 藝 撃 擊 欠 缺 倹 儉 剣 劍 圏 圈 検 檢 権 權

    献 獻 研 硏 県 縣 険 險 顕 顯 験 驗 厳 嚴 効 效 広 廣 恒 恆
    鉱 鑛 号 號 国 國 穀 穀 黒 黑 済 濟 砕 碎 斎 齋 剤 劑 桜 櫻
    殺 殺 雑 雜 参 參 惨 慘 桟 棧 蚕 蠶 賛 贊 残 殘 祉 祉 糸 絲
    視 視 歯 齒 児 兒 辞 辭 湿 濕 実 實 写 寫 煮 煮 社 社 者 者
    釈 釋 寿 壽 収 收 臭 臭 従 從 渋 澁 獣 獸 縦 縱 祝 祝 粛 肅
    処 處 暑 暑 緒 緖 署 署 諸 諸 叙 敍 奨 奬 将 將 渉 涉 焼 燒
    祥 祥 称 稱 証 證 乗 乘 剰 剩 壌 壤 嬢 孃 条 條 浄 淨 状 狀
    畳 疊 譲 讓 醸 釀 嘱 囑 触 觸 寝 寢 慎 愼 真 眞 神 神 尽 盡
    図 圖 粋 粹 酔 醉 随 隨 髄 髓 数 數 枢 樞 瀬 瀨 声 聲 静 靜
    斉 齊 摂 攝 窃 竊 節 節 専 專 戦 戰 浅 淺 潜 潛 繊 纖 践 踐

    銭 錢 禅 禪 曽 曾 祖 祖 僧 僧 双 雙 壮 壯 層 層 捜 搜 挿 插
    巣 巢 争 爭 痩 瘦 総 總 荘 莊 装 裝 騒 騷 増 增 憎 憎 臓 臟
    蔵 藏 贈 贈 即 卽 属 屬 続 續 堕 墮 体 體 対 對 帯 帶 滞 滯
    台 臺 滝 瀧 択 擇 沢 澤 単 單 嘆 嘆 担 擔 胆 膽 団 團 弾 彈
    断 斷 痴 癡 遅 遲 昼 晝 虫 蟲 鋳 鑄 著 著 庁 廳 徴 徵 懲 懲
    聴 聽 勅 敕 鎮 鎭 塚 塚 逓 遞 鉄 鐵 転 轉 点 點 伝 傳 都 都
    党 黨 盗 盜 灯 燈 当 當 闘 鬭 徳 德 独 獨 読 讀 突 突 届 屆
    縄 繩 難 難 弐 貳 悩 惱 脳 腦 覇 霸 廃 廢 拝 拜 梅 梅 売 賣
    麦 麥 発 發 髪 髮 抜 拔 繁 繁 晩 晚 蛮 蠻 卑 卑 碑 碑 秘 祕
    浜 濱 賓 賓 頻 頻 敏 敏 瓶 甁 侮 侮 福 福 払 拂 仏 佛 併 倂

    塀 塀 並 竝 変 變 辺 邊 勉 勉 弁 辨 弁 瓣 弁 辯 歩 步 穂 穗
    宝 寶 褒 襃 豊 豐 墨 墨 翻 飜 毎 每 万 萬 満 滿 免 免 麺 麵
    黙 默 餅 餠 戻 戾 弥 彌 薬 藥 訳 譯 予 豫 余 餘 与 與 誉 譽
    揺 搖 様 樣 謡 謠 来 來 頼 賴 乱 亂 欄 欄 覧 覽 隆 隆 竜 龍
    虜 虜 両 兩 猟 獵 緑 綠 塁 壘 涙 淚 類 類 励 勵 礼 禮 霊 靈
    齢 齡 暦 曆 歴 歷 恋 戀 練 練 錬 鍊 炉 爐 労 勞 廊 廊 朗 朗
    楼 樓 郎 郞 録 錄 湾 灣

    • March 27, 2013 at 7:10 pm

      zkanji only has the kanji listed in the KANJIDIC data which is not maintained by me. KANJIDIC has 6355 kanji as seen in the program, taken from JIS X 0208 ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JIS_X_0208 ). Now there is another data file called KANJIDIC2, which lists another 5801 kanji, and that probably contains all the “missing” characters. I could include those as well, but at the moment I don’t have the capacity to make such a fundamental change in the program. I have probably encountered like 3 or 4 kanji not in zkanji when reading books so far, but even a single additional kanji would require a lot of work and I decided that I don’t want a “complete” list that much.

      Any OS that supports Unicode or general character encodings is able to display most kanji. What you need is a font that contains those characters you can’t see at the moment. There are not many free Japanese fonts, but maybe you can find one online.

      Stroke order animations. I plan to add a way to see how kana is drawn but I haven’t thought out how the user interface should work yet. It won’t be in the next release which I want to release as soon as possible, and I can’t say anything for sure. The same for endless playing.

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