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I admit I’m not very creative when it comes to blog entry titles.

Anyway, there IS progress finally. The part which caused me to avoid touching zkanji for almost a year is completed. Writing data import is boring. There are simply no words that could express how boring writing such a thing is. There is no challenge, not even the feeling that I haven’t done this very same task a thousand times before. Anyway it’s over now, though there are still some tasks to do. Of course I could make this feature even better. There is no long-term study export/import, but I have decided that word groups can do the same thing, since they can be added to the long-term study list.

I also said good bye to the Wakan file import. I would have to rewrite it too, and I’d rather not avoid coding zkanji again because “I’m not in the mood”. There are probably still many users of that program, someone even decided to work on fixing its many defects. But if someone wants to import groups from Wakan really bad, they will be able to download an older version, and update the program after that.

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