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Getting ready for v0.73

The release of v0.719 is not shown for users when they check for update from a previous zkanij. (Obviously as it is a test release.) The reason is that I want to make v0.73 work best for everyone. Previously I made hasty releases just to realize an hour later that something is not perfect or missing. This time it will be different! (Or not?) Anyway, there are already a few things I have changed since the release of v0.719. Namely:

– Drop-shadow under the list of past kanji/kana searches window.
– Fixed: kanji/kana searches window didn’t react to the mouse. (Error introduced in v0.719)
– Fixed: pressing SPACE in the long-term study test window showed the answer even while typing the answer for “meaning”.
– Fixed: pressing ENTER in the long-term study test window while typing the answer for “meaning” made an error sound.

May 23:
– Forwarding mouse wheel scroll action to the window currently under the mouse.
– Scrolling results with the mouse wheel in the handwriting recognizer and the similar kanji/part of kanji/kanji parts in the kanji information window.
– Fixed: not returning longer results when searching for inflected word endings in the dictionary.

May 25:
– Fixed: incorrect number of studied words in the long-term study list statistics window.
– Fixed: pressing ESC while in a kanji/kana edit box didn’t hide the information windows.

June 1:
– The dictionary search history can keep many more searches. The exact number can be changed in the settings.
– If not changing the search field text of the dictionary for a few seconds, the entered text is added to the search history. This behavior can be tuned in the settings.
– Redesigned the “new word” dialog window and made the destination dictionary selectable.
– Fixed: the ESC key didn’t clear the filters on the group list panel.

– Fixed: not restoring size of the kanji list on startup if not starting the program in tray.
– Fixed: invalid size of kanji list filter controls if starting program on screen, minimizing, showing the kanji list and then restoring the main window.
CRITICAL Fix: Problems when updating the dictionary. English.zkj was not replaced with the new version, making the saved group data incompatible with it. Changes to the English dictionary also caused problems during the update.
– … more small fixes
and improvements.

This list is not final and will probably expand. I plan to release v0.73 around a week after the last discovered error, marked with “Fixed”. Changes that are not fixes won’t postpone this release date. Whenever the above list changes, I will upload a new test version, but it will still be the same old v0.719, so if you want to keep up, you can download it again and again and again… But unless I mark a fix as CRITICAL, it won’t be necessary for you to update your version. The only critical fix I can think of right now concerns problems with dictionary updates, and if all things go well, it won’t happen.

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