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Final v0.719 (planned)

I have uploaded the “final” version of zkanji v0.719 test (5th) that I strongly recommend for download for anyone who has a previous test version. There was a bug in the dictionary update, which, though can be fixed if you do some manual stuff, makes it pretty uncomfortable to use that feature, and it is an essential part of the program. Because it is pretty difficult to test the actual updating, in a few days I will post a new dictionary which can be downloaded automatically. If it goes well, and nobody reports problems for another few days, I will release the program as v0.73. I don’t plan more than 2-3 days for that, so please notify me if the update doesn’t work for you.

Let me repeat the previous: If you try the planned dictionary update without using the latest v0.719 #5, your user data will break!

The dictionary update is scheduled on next Wednesday, June 5. There can be differences depending on where you live. For example in Japan the date might be June 6 (after midnight). If nobody reports problems till around June 9-10, I will release zkanji v0.73. These dates can change, so please watch this blog or the zkanji twitter for news. (This almost sounded like some official announcement.)

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