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Testers, read this!

I will release the next version of zkanji very soon. Either in a few hours or in 1-2 days., depending on how my brain operates in the heat.

If you were only trying out v0.719 but not using it for your main zkanji needs, you can delete it now. Make sure it is not running when you update. v0.717 will nicely update to v0.73, hopefully without problems. But if you were using v0.719 normally as the main program, you should wait till v0.73 is released. Once it is, it won’t show up among your updates. This is to prevent future problems. What you should do instead, is to get the zipped version of v0.73, and only replace your v0.719 executable with the one in the zip archive. The next paragraph might confuse you, so to make things clear, this is the end of the instructions. The following is an explanation:

Those who used the test version of the program and had auto update checks turned on, or manually checked for updates once a new dictionary was released, v0.73 would be a step back. The new release will come with the older dictionary data, not the updated one. This is necessary to be able to update from v0.717. After the update, the newly installed v0.73 will immediately notify users who have automatic update checks turned on, of a new dictionary. This way both the testers (who unpacked the zip to update their program) and non-testers (who used normal update, and then update their main dictionary after the program update) will have v0.73 and the new dictionary data.

Once again: if you were using the test version and also updated the dictionary, installing v0.73 will reinstall the old dictionary. Don’t do that. The good news is that probably nothing will break if you do, you will just lose the new dictionary, and will be notified to update to it again. It is just inefficient and you will get the “update your conflicting user data to the current dictionary” dialog window twice.

I will start preparing for the release by first removing any update information of v0.719 from the server, then uploading the new setup, zipped program and source archive. Once that’s done I will also update the website to show the latest versions. If you are a tester and see that, you will be able to download the zip archive right away. Since you won’t see any update notifications, you will either have to watch the zkanji project page on SF, or the zkanji web site.

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