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Just a quick thought while working on zkanji word groups…

As I have to rewrite everything, I’m not only trying to achieve the same functionality of zkanji, but add some stuff I always wanted to. I never got to it because there were so many things to change for every small thing. Now that I have to rewrite zkanji anyway, it doesn’t matter anymore so I can do it as well.

For example in the new version, you can look up words with the kana in the middle of a word. There’s also a button to look for the exact kana characters. Before, if you had the button ?+ pressed and then typed あ, the results contained words ending in か or さ etc. Now if you check the “exact kana” button, only words ending in the kana あ will be found.

Another long awaited functionality was to enter kanji or kana directly with the system’s IME. This is finally possible. (But romaji is still converted as usual.)

As the title says, I’m currently working on word groups. In the past zkanji versions, single meanings are added to word groups. If you want to add several meanings of a word to a group, each of them are added as separate items. The change here is that I want the user to be able to select several meanings, and add them as a single item to a group. I still haven’t decided how to handle the case when you try to add a meaning to a group that contains the word already with different meanings. Should it merge the meaning with the existing item or add it as a separate item? I have to think about the reasons why someone would want to do one or the other. Or rather, if there’s a reason to add a separate item. Writing zkanji is a huge task and not adding unnecessary functionality (even if it sounds cool at first) will make it happen faster.

What is your opinion?

As usual, if I get no opinions I’ll just decide one thing and if someone complains later, it’ll be already too late.

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