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Little update on the fate of word groups

Currently I’m planning to make word groups contain every word meaning for a single item, so it won’t be possible to add the same word multiple times to a single word group, nor to only pick some meanings. The idea behind separate items for meanings was that it’s easier to learn only one or two meanings at a time, and it makes printing vocabulary lists easier too, as they fit in a smaller place. The downside is that it’s both harder to implement and didn’t even work too well in my opinion.

So in the future word groups will only contain a word once, and those will have every meaning of the word. To make studying them and printing a vocabulary list useful, the user will be able to enter a custom meaning for the word. (Or to be more precise, words will share their word group and long-term study definition.)

As usual, if you don’t like this idea and have a better one, write a comment.

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