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Just some update

No, it’s not program update yet. I just thought I should share what I’ve been up to. If you are reading this, you are probably one of the few who can’t wait for me to write something. (Or you are subscribed to the RSS feed which is obviously the majority…) Enough of the introduction.

The latest addition to the new version of zkanji is a built-in JMdict importer. You’ll have to download the JMdict/KANJIDIC etc. files manually, but after that you’ll be able to import the latest dictionary, and not just the English one. (There are other languages in the JMdict now.) I don’t remember what other stuff I added, so I’ll just write about what’s missing.

The next one I want to make is a dictionary exporter + user file importer. The latter was a big task previously too so I expect a lot of resistance from my brain cells. This is not a minor feature that I can just skip and release early, because without it we won’t be able to use our old data. (It’s kinda complicated why.)

A  smaller feature I need to implement is the example sentences list for the words. It is relatively easy to do fortunately.

The word tests feature is missing as well (not the long-term study, that’s done). I’m not sure what to do with it. Should it be the exact copy of the original, or does it need changes?  The copy is easier to do so for now I might just do that.

These were the bigger features still missing, but there are lots and lots of small ones. Filtering in the dictionary, auto collecting words into groups by kanji, all the small dialog windows for adding stuff to groups or to the study lists. The context-menus for everything. The kanji info window and the stroke order diagram painting. The auto updater. There are so many small things that were added over the years which makes this into a huge project for a single person.

The biggest mystery right now is the popup-dictionary. I have no idea what is possible with Qt, and I’m kinda afraid of it, but it’s the feature I use most so it will be done. If it’s not possible to do within Qt I’ll make this feature a Windows exclusive (unless people help code for other OSes.) Let’s just hope it can be done.

And finally, when all the little things are done, I’ll have a struggle with Qt itself. Making the user interface right in Qt is a challenge but I can’t release something bad. I want to finish this version before the end of the year, maybe sooner. It’s definitely possible. It all depends on whether I can make myself to work on it. At least I now think that I’ll finish it.

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