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The past

It’s been a long time since I last posted, and I can’t say I’ve been busy with zkanji, because I was doing other things too. Don’t worry though, the program is now in a state when the basics are done. It still misses long hours of testing, or even user-error prevention, so it’s not ready for publication yet.

There’s a working dictionary search (obviously, as it was the first thing I had to implement,) filter for the search results, word grouping, kanji grouping, word printing, long term study test, the normal tests, “handwriting” recognition for kanji, JMDict/KANJIDIC importer (this is new in this version,) example sentences importer, dictionary exporter/importer. The things the program is missing don’t involve much change in the data handling itself. Collecting-words-with-selected-kanji for example will be able to use everything already written, as soon as the interface is done for it. There’s also no hiragana/katakana study yet, but that works solely on the user interface level. No user settings either, but that’s also just an interface.

I know that people hate to read a lot so I cut this post in two. Next one is about the future.

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