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Better late than even later.

May 19, 2017 4 comments

This is a fast update on the progress of the new zkanji. I won’t get into details much since I rather spend the time fixing bugs and improving the program, than writing a blog post, but it has been a considerable time since the last update.

tl;dr It’s not ready yet, but close to a first test release. I’ll post about it.

Long version:

My original plans were to finish the program last year (what a naive thought!) Just as usual for open source projects done in one’s free time, real life got in the way. While real life wasn’t in the way, Qt did really well to be a substitute for real life’s work. This in itself would be worth several blog posts but after all the struggle with it I just don’t care anymore.

I’ll try to give a fast summary of the current situation: The first test version of zkanji is almost ready. It’s currently in the stage where all I do are fixing bugs, and trying to clear  every point on the TO-DO list. It sounds easy, but there are many points that need refining, and even after this, the program won’t be good enough for release. First, I’ll upload a test version with source code somewhere as soon as possible. In order to get to the final release, I’ll ask people who are willing to test it for help.

In the first round, (as I plan a few,) this test version will only be released for Windows. In theory it’ll run on Linux just as well, but I haven’t compiled it there yet. You will be able to do it of course since I’ll release the source code. I expect many subtle bugs to come to the surface on Linux, that were not a problem under Windows. During this first round I’ll try to finish the Linux version as well. The second round will be the release of a fixed zkanji on both Windows and Linux for a very short test period. (I can’t promise a Mac release, since I don’t have access to one. I’ll need help with that too.) When that’s over, I’ll make an “official” release that everyone can use.

There’s also the question of an installer. I haven’t created an installer yet, and I’m not sure if I will make one very soon. During the development of the first incarnations of zkanji it was a great hassle to do so, and several releases got late because of this. We will see.

The last question remaining for me is where to upload the new zkanji. There have been problems with SourceForge in the past, and we can’t expect that to never happen again. (They bundled advertisement with untouched projects, against the will of the original authors.) Unrelated to this, a few months ago I was contacted by some guy working for a large online ad company with a similar idea. He was really surprised when I refused.

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