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Long “break”

April 6, 2015 7 comments

You might have noticed that there are no new updates for quite some time (2 years?). This is because I stopped developing zkanji. I wanted to continue by at least fixing some silly bugs still in there, but I kinda lost interest. It’s not because I don’t want it to have even more features or that I gave up or something. The main problem is the development environment and language it uses. Zkanji was developed in a RAD tool called C++ Builder. It (or at least it’s origin called Delphi) was revolutionary at the time. Unfortunately the interface felt more and more outdated, and the C++ it understands is a heavily modified one. I don’t know much about the latest version or whether it is still in development at all, but I’ve switched to developing in Visual Studio, which is so much more modern, and I feel more at home in it.

If you wish to take over the project (unlikely but who knows), contact me. If you want to start over by developing it from scratch in Visual Studio I might even help you. My only requirement is that you produce at least the same quality what zkanji originally was.

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Serious bug in v0.73

July 1, 2013 2 comments

Users reported that zkanji crashed after they updated to v0.73 from an earlier version. The current solution is to return to the previous version and keep using that until I release v0.731. This of course means that you will have to use the old data as well, which could mean that you will lose all data that you changed since you updated.

Only those users are affected, whose program data matches all of the following criteria:

  1. There are items added to the long-term study list.
  2. The dictionary was updated after the program update.
  3. Words were in the long-term study list before the update, that are missing in the updated dictionary.
  4. You either use the main English dictionary for study OR you use a user dictionary for study and the previous points are about that dictionary.

A little explanation for the fourth point is needed. You probably updated to the latest English dictionary if you are using v0.73, but if you were only using the long-term study in another language and that language wasn’t updated, the bug won’t show up. If you use a user dictionary, but haven’t received an update for that dictionary from some other user, there won’t be any problems. In case you use the English dictionary and the long-term study list didn’t contain anything which has no match in the updated dictionary, the bug won’t cause problems.

As far as I know, v0.73 is safe to use. Only the update process is problematic and only if all of the listed points apply to you.

Update: I have fixed the program and will upload it as v0.731 in a few days after a little testing.

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Testers, read this!

June 18, 2013 Leave a comment

I will release the next version of zkanji very soon. Either in a few hours or in 1-2 days., depending on how my brain operates in the heat.

If you were only trying out v0.719 but not using it for your main zkanji needs, you can delete it now. Make sure it is not running when you update. v0.717 will nicely update to v0.73, hopefully without problems. But if you were using v0.719 normally as the main program, you should wait till v0.73 is released. Once it is, it won’t show up among your updates. This is to prevent future problems. What you should do instead, is to get the zipped version of v0.73, and only replace your v0.719 executable with the one in the zip archive. The next paragraph might confuse you, so to make things clear, this is the end of the instructions. The following is an explanation:

Those who used the test version of the program and had auto update checks turned on, or manually checked for updates once a new dictionary was released, v0.73 would be a step back. The new release will come with the older dictionary data, not the updated one. This is necessary to be able to update from v0.717. After the update, the newly installed v0.73 will immediately notify users who have automatic update checks turned on, of a new dictionary. This way both the testers (who unpacked the zip to update their program) and non-testers (who used normal update, and then update their main dictionary after the program update) will have v0.73 and the new dictionary data.

Once again: if you were using the test version and also updated the dictionary, installing v0.73 will reinstall the old dictionary. Don’t do that. The good news is that probably nothing will break if you do, you will just lose the new dictionary, and will be notified to update to it again. It is just inefficient and you will get the “update your conflicting user data to the current dictionary” dialog window twice.

I will start preparing for the release by first removing any update information of v0.719 from the server, then uploading the new setup, zipped program and source archive. Once that’s done I will also update the website to show the latest versions. If you are a tester and see that, you will be able to download the zip archive right away. Since you won’t see any update notifications, you will either have to watch the zkanji project page on SF, or the zkanji web site.

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v0.719 test dictionary update starting now

June 10, 2013 5 comments

I have just uploaded a dictionary that was generated around 2 weeks ago on May 28. It should appear in the “Check for Updates” dialog. When the final v0.73 “ships” it will contain the old dictionary found in v0.717, not this new one. I will write about what you should do just after I have released that version in case you are using the test version, so please come back to this blog before you download v0.73.

I was a bit careless because I had no groups and study data in my English dictionary, so I can’t test whether the update does anything wrong. I tested it before already so it should be all right. If you notice problems, please contact me immediately. The best method is filing a bug report on sourceforge, because the provider I use for emails is sick lately and I get emails late. I’m not even sure whether all mails reach me. Please notify me even if nothing is wrong but you feel the update could be made more usable somehow.

The only problem I have noticed after testing the update is that in the “Dictionary Information” window the indicated dictionary date is still for the old dictionary, until you restart zkanji. You don’t have to report this.

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v0.719 dictionary update test postponed

June 5, 2013 Leave a comment

I have decided to postpone the planned dictionary update till next Monday (June 10) because if the download statistics can be trusted, there are many users of the test version who haven’t updated to the latest version of v0.719. I don’t think I will postpone the release any more than that though.

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Important notice

April 8, 2012 2 comments

Most visitors probably won’t read the previous entry, so please read this short notice:

There will be considerable changes in the next release of zkanji, so please update to that one once it is available, and notify your friends about it too. I can’t take responsibility if someone fails to update and some future version will fail to load your user data.

Don’t say I haven’t warned you.

Release of the next version will take 1-2 months counting from now because I will only start making the changes next week. Hopefully till that most users will be aware of the dangers.

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