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v0.719 test dictionary update starting now

June 10, 2013 5 comments

I have just uploaded a dictionary that was generated around 2 weeks ago on May 28. It should appear in the “Check for Updates” dialog. When the final v0.73 “ships” it will contain the old dictionary found in v0.717, not this new one. I will write about what you should do just after I have released that version in case you are using the test version, so please come back to this blog before you download v0.73.

I was a bit careless because I had no groups and study data in my English dictionary, so I can’t test whether the update does anything wrong. I tested it before already so it should be all right. If you notice problems, please contact me immediately. The best method is filing a bug report on sourceforge, because the provider I use for emails is sick lately and I get emails late. I’m not even sure whether all mails reach me. Please notify me even if nothing is wrong but you feel the update could be made more usable somehow.

The only problem I have noticed after testing the update is that in the “Dictionary Information” window the indicated dictionary date is still for the old dictionary, until you restart zkanji. You don’t have to report this.

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