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zkanji Test 4

March 2, 2018 5 comments

Please check the latest releases of zkanji for the new test version. The uploaded binary package is still Windows only (I will need help for Linux distributions) but the source is also available if someone wants to try on other systems.

It’s been half a year since the last release, and zkanji is still in alpha, but the program is much closer now for the beta, and then to release. It can be considered feature complete, but there might still be small things to add. Not every widget has its context-menu ready yet for example.

The uploaded Windows version contains all DLLs and data files needed by the program to run.


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zkanji Test 3

August 9, 2017 11 comments

I have released the next test version which mostly fixes the long-term study test and normal word tests. You can get it here. As with the previous version, you need the original first, and overwrite the executable with the latest one.

I didn’t think that the program still has this many critical bugs! It seems the study part of zkanji was completely unusable with lots of crashes and data corruption. This release is meant to fix these, and also to make studying a bit easier with the keyboard.

Once again, I need help to find more issues in zkanji. Unfortunately I don’t have as much time on it as I had originally with the old versions. I was spending almost all my time on this new release, but I can’t keep that up. Without help the next version will probably be only done in 1-2 months time. But don’t worry, I have spent over 2 years to write this new one, so I’m not going to give up now.

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zkanji TEST 2

July 30, 2017 2 comments

The titles of the posts will get boring for a while, until the first beta is out too. I have uploaded the next test version with a few visible fixes, and many others under the hood.  Go here to get it.

The new release lacks all data files and DLLs. You’ll need the first one too, and overwrite its executable with the new one. I plan to keep it this way for lighter downloads, until the first stable release.

The changes don’t look much, because I mainly work on the Linux version right now, but I have fixed the annoying crash with the example sentences. The Linux version is the same program, so working on it will help revealing general bugs that affect the Windows version as well.

Please open an Issue on GitHub, or mail me if you find bugs in zkanji. If you think that something important is much worse than in the old program (for example because shortcut keys are missing,) you can make a request about it. Otherwise I’ll keep working on the Linux release and do other things later.

First steps for the next release

July 15, 2017 1 comment

The short version: I’m still not done with the next release, but I have uploaded the source files to GitHub that are needed to compile and run the new zkanji. You can get it and try it right away on Windows IF you have Visual Studio 2013 or newer. It’s pretty easy to compile.

The long version: I spent a lot of time fixing errors and filling up holes in the program in the past many weeks, and it still contains bugs. There were several “game breaking” bugs I only discovered in the last moment. The last days were spent figuring out (again) how to release the program properly with an open source license. (I went for GPLv3.) It’s a complicated matter, especially since some files come from a different open source project with its own license.

Creating a release with the executable alone might be enough for those, who have the 2013 version of the Visual Studio redistributable, and the Qt DLLs, but this can’t be taken granted. I’ll need to include those too for everyone else, which means at least a primitive installer. I hope there’s some tool somewhere to make one quickly, because the free tool I used to create the installers for previous versions of zkanji, is everything but simple.

Because the Qt DLLs and the VS redistributable must be included, the file download will be at least 20 MB larger than previous ones were. On the other hand I won’t include the Japanese dictionary and example sentences data for now, which will save 20 MB. They can be obtained easily with the instructions I’ll include with the download. (I plan to include the data files in the final release.)

Before I forget, I still need to design a new icon for this version of zkanji. I could use the old one, but I want to make it clear in every design choice that it’s a new program. It was newly written after all. I will also need to add an about box to fulfill my obligations towards Qt and any other project which has a license that must be mentioned in the program. Then there’s the question of the name. I can keep it simply “zkanji,” but if I do that, I’m not sure what version number to use. It’s not a real continuation of the old version in the sense that they only share the same idea, but nothing of the program code.

zkanji v0.731 released!

July 17, 2013 23 comments

After the reports of several bugs in the previous version of the program, I decided to release a new version early, so here comes zkanji v0.731. It does not include anything incredibly new, just fixes the reported bugs. If you are a user of v0.73, don’t get the main link on the download page. Instead try the link after the part that says “ATTENTION” on the download page. The main download link is for users of v0.717.

The full changes list:

  • Updated the word study group creation window.
  • Added a kanji handwriting input box for typing kanji in the word study group test.
  • Fields are shown for all meanings of a word in the dictionary. Previously the field was only indicated for the meanings if they differed from the field of the previous meaning.
  • Fixed: critical bug caused data corruption and program crash after updating to v0.73 from an older version, when the long-term study contained words previously not found in the updated dictionary.
  • Fixed: the “back” button on the kanji information window always cleared the displayed kanji, instead of showing the previous kanji or element.
  • Fixed: deleting the last meaning in the word editor dialog caused an exception which prevented the window and the program to close.
  • Fixed: in the dictionary update conflict manager dialog, the window wasn’t painted correctly when removing words not found in the new dictionary and showing the text for the removal.
  • Fixed: in the popup dictionary the non-Japanese search text was not selected when the dictionary was shown.
  • Fixed: data corruption when answering in the long-term study list, if only a single element of the word was added to the list.
  • Fixed: allowing to check the minus checkbox for each item in the word review window after a round of gradual inclusion. This caused the test to never finish in the next round, asking the same item endlessly. Now at least 3 items must not be skipped from the next round.
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zkanji v0.73 released!

June 18, 2013 11 comments

I usually post the changes log for releases, but the list is so long now, it would distract us from this happy occasion.

Testers of v0.719, please read the previous entry. It contains important information.

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v0.719 dictionary update test postponed

June 5, 2013 Leave a comment

I have decided to postpone the planned dictionary update till next Monday (June 10) because if the download statistics can be trusted, there are many users of the test version who haven’t updated to the latest version of v0.719. I don’t think I will postpone the release any more than that though.

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