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zkanji v0.731 released!

July 17, 2013 23 comments

After the reports of several bugs in the previous version of the program, I decided to release a new version early, so here comes zkanji v0.731. It does not include anything incredibly new, just fixes the reported bugs. If you are a user of v0.73, don’t get the main link on the download page. Instead try the link after the part that says “ATTENTION” on the download page. The main download link is for users of v0.717.

The full changes list:

  • Updated the word study group creation window.
  • Added a kanji handwriting input box for typing kanji in the word study group test.
  • Fields are shown for all meanings of a word in the dictionary. Previously the field was only indicated for the meanings if they differed from the field of the previous meaning.
  • Fixed: critical bug caused data corruption and program crash after updating to v0.73 from an older version, when the long-term study contained words previously not found in the updated dictionary.
  • Fixed: the “back” button on the kanji information window always cleared the displayed kanji, instead of showing the previous kanji or element.
  • Fixed: deleting the last meaning in the word editor dialog caused an exception which prevented the window and the program to close.
  • Fixed: in the dictionary update conflict manager dialog, the window wasn’t painted correctly when removing words not found in the new dictionary and showing the text for the removal.
  • Fixed: in the popup dictionary the non-Japanese search text was not selected when the dictionary was shown.
  • Fixed: data corruption when answering in the long-term study list, if only a single element of the word was added to the list.
  • Fixed: allowing to check the minus checkbox for each item in the word review window after a round of gradual inclusion. This caused the test to never finish in the next round, asking the same item endlessly. Now at least 3 items must not be skipped from the next round.
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zkanji v0.73 released!

June 18, 2013 11 comments

I usually post the changes log for releases, but the list is so long now, it would distract us from this happy occasion.

Testers of v0.719, please read the previous entry. It contains important information.

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v0.719 dictionary update test postponed

June 5, 2013 Leave a comment

I have decided to postpone the planned dictionary update till next Monday (June 10) because if the download statistics can be trusted, there are many users of the test version who haven’t updated to the latest version of v0.719. I don’t think I will postpone the release any more than that though.

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Final v0.719 (planned)

June 1, 2013 Leave a comment

I have uploaded the “final” version of zkanji v0.719 test (5th) that I strongly recommend for download for anyone who has a previous test version. There was a bug in the dictionary update, which, though can be fixed if you do some manual stuff, makes it pretty uncomfortable to use that feature, and it is an essential part of the program. Because it is pretty difficult to test the actual updating, in a few days I will post a new dictionary which can be downloaded automatically. If it goes well, and nobody reports problems for another few days, I will release the program as v0.73. I don’t plan more than 2-3 days for that, so please notify me if the update doesn’t work for you.

Let me repeat the previous: If you try the planned dictionary update without using the latest v0.719 #5, your user data will break!

The dictionary update is scheduled on next Wednesday, June 5. There can be differences depending on where you live. For example in Japan the date might be June 6 (after midnight). If nobody reports problems till around June 9-10, I will release zkanji v0.73. These dates can change, so please watch this blog or the zkanji twitter for news. (This almost sounded like some official announcement.)

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Getting ready for v0.73

May 21, 2013 Leave a comment

The release of v0.719 is not shown for users when they check for update from a previous zkanij. (Obviously as it is a test release.) The reason is that I want to make v0.73 work best for everyone. Previously I made hasty releases just to realize an hour later that something is not perfect or missing. This time it will be different! (Or not?) Anyway, there are already a few things I have changed since the release of v0.719. Namely:

– Drop-shadow under the list of past kanji/kana searches window.
– Fixed: kanji/kana searches window didn’t react to the mouse. (Error introduced in v0.719)
– Fixed: pressing SPACE in the long-term study test window showed the answer even while typing the answer for “meaning”.
– Fixed: pressing ENTER in the long-term study test window while typing the answer for “meaning” made an error sound.

May 23:
– Forwarding mouse wheel scroll action to the window currently under the mouse.
– Scrolling results with the mouse wheel in the handwriting recognizer and the similar kanji/part of kanji/kanji parts in the kanji information window.
– Fixed: not returning longer results when searching for inflected word endings in the dictionary.

May 25:
– Fixed: incorrect number of studied words in the long-term study list statistics window.
– Fixed: pressing ESC while in a kanji/kana edit box didn’t hide the information windows.

June 1:
– The dictionary search history can keep many more searches. The exact number can be changed in the settings.
– If not changing the search field text of the dictionary for a few seconds, the entered text is added to the search history. This behavior can be tuned in the settings.
– Redesigned the “new word” dialog window and made the destination dictionary selectable.
– Fixed: the ESC key didn’t clear the filters on the group list panel.

– Fixed: not restoring size of the kanji list on startup if not starting the program in tray.
– Fixed: invalid size of kanji list filter controls if starting program on screen, minimizing, showing the kanji list and then restoring the main window.
CRITICAL Fix: Problems when updating the dictionary. English.zkj was not replaced with the new version, making the saved group data incompatible with it. Changes to the English dictionary also caused problems during the update.
– … more small fixes
and improvements.

This list is not final and will probably expand. I plan to release v0.73 around a week after the last discovered error, marked with “Fixed”. Changes that are not fixes won’t postpone this release date. Whenever the above list changes, I will upload a new test version, but it will still be the same old v0.719, so if you want to keep up, you can download it again and again and again… But unless I mark a fix as CRITICAL, it won’t be necessary for you to update your version. The only critical fix I can think of right now concerns problems with dictionary updates, and if all things go well, it won’t happen.

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v0.719 test version release

May 20, 2013 2 comments

Get zkanji v0.719 test version.

This test release does not come with a setup program. It includes an old version of the JMDict English dictionary and example sentences. It is important that the English dictionary is the same version that came with v0.717 for compatibility reasons. When the final version is out, it will contain the same dictionary, but users will be notified of an update. (Separate dictionary updates are now possible.)

Before you use the program, read the following instructions, or the IMPORTANT.txt inside the zip archieve. I won’t take responsibility if anything goes wrong, so you’d better read it all.

Ask here in the comments if you have any questions.

Information about zkanji v0.719 test version (Something like an RC1 for v0.73)

This version works exactly how a “release version” would work, and probably doesn’t have critical bugs in it. The possibility is allways there, but I think the program is working fine. Only the dictionary update is not tested thoroughly yet. Please read the instructions.

a) Points to follow if you want to keep using the previous version of zkanji.
b) Points to follow if you don’t mind being a bit brave like me and use the test version as your main program.

1. a) Unpack the archieve to a new read/writeable folder. (I.e. not the Program Files.)

1. b) If you don’t mind being a bit brave like me, find your zkanji folder and zkanji data folder, and copy everything to some safe destination to create backups now! Once that’s done, unpack the archieve inside your zkanji folder. (The folders inside the archieve should be created correctly.)

2. a) Find the user data folder of your original version, and copy files to the data folder of the test version. Files to copy have one of the following extensions:
.zkd, .zkg, .zsp
(You might not have a .zkd file, unless you’ve created a user dictionary.) Ini files can be copied as well outside the data folder. Read the section about files after the instructions carefully to know what files to move and where.

2. b) No need to copy anything. You can use the test version out of the box. Before you run the program, delete files in the program’s user data folder with the .TEMP extension.

3. a) Create a separate shortcut for the test program, and modify it to run the test version with the “-testrun” parameter (without quotation marks). In this case, you might have to uncheck the “Enable system shortcuts” option in the settings for one version to avoid conflicts.

4. Once a final version is released, it will show up as an update both in the test version and the previous version. Program updates are working (probably) but dictionary updates has not been tested yet. (A program update also updates the dictionary.) You’d better copy everything from your user data folder to a safe location.

a) Either update both versions, or update the one which holds your real user data. If it was the test version, you will have to move its folder and overwrite the original. Read the section about files after the instructions carefully to know what files to move and where. If you only used the test version to try it out and stored no real data in it, you can delete it after the previous version has been updated.

b) If you use the test version only, update it normally. No files have to be copied, but do make a backup.

5. I might release a dictionary only update for the test version, which will also show up as an update. If this happens before a program update, then the dictionary update is only for the test version. Before you update, backup your test version’s user data folder. (This is actually not a bad idea in case of normal updates even when not running the test program, though I tried to make sure that no tragedies happen.)
A WORD OF WARNING: I couldn’t test what happens with user data after the dictionary only update. It will probably be fine, but if not, don’t blame me if you haven’t backed up your data previously.

6. Report me anything out of ordinary you notice in zkanji. Not just bugs, but usability problems, anything that helps. You can report problems in this blog, via e-mail (you can find my address in the program’s “about” box.), or post a bug report/support request on sourceforge, on the zkanji project page.

7. Enjoy. (This point is compulsory in any instructions listing.)

Placement of files and folders:
Folders in zkanji are used depending on your access rights to the program’s folder. You can either modify files in the zkanji program folder (your user is either an administrator, or you placed zkanji to an accessible folder), or you can’t modify files there. In the latter case, zkanji can only read data from that folder, but not write anything. (You can test this by trying to copy a file there.)

Depending on the situation, there can be 2 or 4 folders that zkanji uses:

1. zkanji program folder: where zkanji is placed when you installed it.
2. zkanji program data folder: this is the data\ folder inside the zkanji program folder.
3. zkanji user folder: if you can’t write in the zkanji program folder, this can be found at:
WinXP: {your user folder}\Application Data\zkanji
Win7: {your user folder}\AppData\Roaming\zkanji
Win8: I have no idea 😛
4. zkanji user data folder: this is the data\ folder inside the zkanji user folder.

In case you can write inside the zkanji program folder, the zkanji program folder is used in place of the user folder and the program data folder is used in place of the user data folder. (That is, 3 and 4 are not used)

1 contains your program executable.
2 contains the installed data files that are not modified by the program. This includes:
a) the main dictionary: zdict.zkj, English.zkj (only since this test version)
b) the example sentences database: examples.zkj.
c) the stroke order database: zdict.zks.
d) some textual data: furigana.txt, irregulars.txt, similar.txt
3 contains all the ini files, and a .uni file
4 contains user dictionaries (*.zkd), user group data (*.zkg) and the long-term study profile (zkanji.zsp – this is NOT the long-term study data, just some statistical data used for determining study intervals.)

When you move data around from one zkanji to the other, make sure that you always move data from the lower version numbered zkanji to the higher. If you fail to do this, zkanji won’t be able to read your data. Only move data from folders 3 and 4 to the corresponding folder of the other version. (If you can write the program’s folder, you will move data from 1 and 2, but only which would have been in 3 and 4.)

A few things to watch out for:
– User data will be converted to the new program’s version and won’t be usable with previous versions. Create backups.
– The new version cannot import Wakan export files.
– Old export files won’t work.
– In previous versions dictionary and user group data were independent. From the new version, you can’t move dictionary data or user group data files separately. You should either move ALL the data for a language (dictionary + group data file), or use the new export/import features.
– In case you create a dictionary for some language and want to do it in a team, keep a definition of all changed words in a separate word group. You will be able to export just the words in that group and import it with other zkanji, modifying the dictionary of your team members.
– For sharing whole dictionaries (when there was already user data for a previous version of that dictionary), create an export file with all data, not just words from a group. Use the “Import Full Dictionary” at the receiving end. This is the ONLY way to share dictionaries. If you try to move the .zkd file, the user group data will stop working.
– You can now import examples directly from the Tanaka Corpus web site (menu item only shows up if you have write access to the zkanji program data folder.). Save the UTF-8 version from the Tanaka Corpus web page, and import! This takes a while, but the resulting examples.zkj file can be shared between users, independent of the dictionary version.

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zkanji v0.717 released – with bug fixes

January 17, 2012 8 comments

As some users noticed, there was a bug that appeared in the form of an access violation during testing with the long-term study. This could prevent anyone from using the test, so I took this as a critical problem and released early. The dictionary hasn’t been updated, so if you don’t want to or can’t download big files too often,  get the “Manual update package” from the zkanji website.

If you have v0.715 I would appreciate it if you tried the built in updater instead, because this is the first time zkanji has such a feature.  I can only test the updater on my own computer, and if there’s a problem with it, I would like to fix it as soon as possible. Thank you for your help. (Updating requires admin rights.)

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