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Vocabulary lists online?

May 10, 2011 11 comments

I’m about to create lists for long-term study in zkanji. I thought about making more of them, depending on common study aims. Since I’m not a teacher of Japanese nor a native speaker, I shouldn’t be the one to decide which words are important and which are not, so I started looking for sites that offer lists of words for students of the language. My first idea of course was to look for collections of words that one can encounter in the JLPT. It’s probably only my bad memory, but I remember quite a few sites like that from the past, but for some reason I couldn’t find them. The only ones I could find are:

There were few others that only offered old lists for JLPT 1-4. To tell the truth there is no official vocabulary list for the new N numbered system of the JLPT, so any site that has them is cheating… I mean approximating. Yet even the old test added at most 25% “unofficial” words to the official list, so even when a test taker knew all the official ones, there were quite a few others he or she had to pick up from somewhere else. So assuming that the new tests are based on the same vocabulary as before, the approximated lists can be just as useful as the official ones were for the old tests.

Does anyone know other sites that have approximated word lists for the JLPT, or other useful word lists, which are not built on some kind of clever business scheme, as those would probably disallow me to use their lists in zkanji.

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