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zkanji and Wine

May 9, 2011 2 comments

Nothing can make me so neurotic as computers and technology, especially when it comes to Linux. (This is probably due to my complete ignorance towards that system, and I admit that it is all my fault, so please don’t get into a flame war here.) After hours of struggling with VirtualBox and Suse, I could finally try zkanji out with Wine. Emulating Windows under a Linux, that itself is emulated under Windows is probably not the best way to test a native Windows program’s compatibility, but this seemed to be the easiest way.

As it turned out, the previous version of zkanji (v0.577) was almost usable, but the latest one causes lots of access violations and crashes. This is probably due to switching to the new compiler and programming environment, and not as much to newly introduced bugs. I will try to fix everything I can, even though they don’t appear as bugs under the program’s native environment, but zkanji will still run under most popular operating systems (with emulation) if I can help it. This is not a promise though. I will simply try to work around the worst problems, but if I can’t get the job done, I will probably give up pretty fast.

Update: I could somehow fix the issue with Wine, so the next version should run fine with it again. What is more, I added some new fonts to be usable with the kana/kanji input boxes, so they won’t show characters as ugly boxes anymore on some systems that don’t have the defaults.

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