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Test version tomorrow (or in 36 hours from this post)

December 13, 2010 Leave a comment

The good news is, the new long-term study list is done. But it’s not tested at all. I could do as a good software company and release it for everyone, expecting error reports to come in so I don’t have to hunt for bugs myself, but being a perfectionist I don’t want to do it like that. I will only release the next version when I have implemented everything I planned.

A quick listing of what’s missing:

  • Automatic inclusion of JLPT words for different levels.
  • Needed changes to the “handwritten” kanji recognition window inside the test:
    • Not showing kanji popup, which might help too much.
    • Inclusion of the different kurikaeshi symbols, so all characters can be typed for written form of words.
    • Inclusion of kana. (This has nothing to do with testing because kana can still be typed with the keyboard, but I can already see some people complaining about it.)
    • Only recognize kanji when the stroke order was perfect. (In the global recognition window you can reverse any 2 strokes.)
  • UPDATE (Dec. 22, 2010): Decided not to make this yet. Updating the kanji database with the new jlpt N level. (This will also require some changes to the file format because I want to keep the old kyuu level as well)
  • UPDATE (Dec. 22, 2010): Instead of this, a better menu structure was made. Customizable toolbar on the single window interface, because finding some functions are so difficult in the menu.

Having said that, you can still read the title for today’s entry. The test version will be announced here and I will put a link on the zkanji site that anyone can download.

Kanji Information window

I have made changes to how the kanji information window (that appears when you double-click a kanji) looks like, because it was the same cluttered interface since day 1. From the next version (included in tomorrow’s test) the kanji information window will only show those reference numbers that the user selects either in the settings or in the popup-menu of the info window. Their order can be changed as well. I plan to add coloring to different numbers, but I thought that it’s not so important right now.

Kanji Information window with all reference numbers displayed.

Kanji Information window with the radical, a few reference numbers and their order changed.

Kanji Information window with only the Stroke Order Diagram displayed.