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Rant about Qt

August 11, 2015 3 comments

Whenever I touch Qt designer to design a new window I feel like I have to rant about it. So here is my rant: layouts in Qt are bad bad bad bad bad!

I think I’ll need to find other ways to vent my frustration.

UPDATE: I didn’t want to make just another blog post about this stupidity, that’s why I’m expanding this post instead. I’ll spend this day trying to make a window with things placed at specific locations. And it’ll take the whole day. Again. When it comes to Qt’s window layouts and widgets the usual (and only working) solution is to “write it yourself.” If it weren’t the only real option for making cross platform apps, I’d be too frustrated to use it any longer.

UPDATE2: It turns out what I could easily achieve in c++builder (or directly in winapi – done both) is impossible in Qt. I spent the whole day looking for a solution and it can’t be done. Now I’ll have to figure out a way how not to make the kanji handwriting recognizer window butt ugly.

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