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Popup windows (in case you didn’t know about them)

April 6, 2012 6 comments

zkanji doesn’t yet(?) have documentation anywhere, so I’m sure most people don’t know about so many features it offers. One of the best features of the program is the popup dictionary and popup kanji list, which let you look up something fast and hopefully efficiently, then go back to something else in an instant. (I’m the author so this might sound like self-praise, but here it is anyway.)

Popup dictionary and popup kanji list

(The windows’ border looks a bit different in the currently released latest version, because I’ve changed it since, but that’s all.)

You can access the popup windows only, if you have zkanji minimized, so if you want to try and have the program open, minimize it now. Once it is minimized you can press:

to open the popup dictionary:
ctrl-alt+j  (Japanese-English)
ctrl-alt+e (English-Japanese)

to open the popup kanji list:

These are the default keyboard shortcuts but they can be changed or even turned off in the settings / dictionary tab.

Someone bugged me many times about the removal of the multiple windows interface (as opposed to the current docked form, where all 3 window parts (dictionary, kanji list, groups) are on a single window.) The multiple windows won’t come back. Ever. But you have the popup ones that do the work much better when you need separate windows. So please stop sending me messages about it.