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Simulating optimization with threads!

August 4, 2015 4 comments

Disclaimer: This is a programming topic. Not that scary though.

As the title says, it is possible to not write well optimized code, but replace it with threads. (VERY simply put, a thread is a program within a program. It runs at the same time another part of the program* runs.)

Is it bad practice or good? I think it depends. For example in previous versions of zkanji I had to store a lot of temporary data during the long-term study, to make it fast to get the next item after answering another. This is a way of optimization, you make extra care that everything works fast. This also added a lot of complexity to the code, and complex code is harder to fix if something works badly. Because of that optimization I was too scared to change the code to allow adding new items to study, after you finished studying previous items for the day.

So how do we replace optimization with threads? If you can make more code to run at the same time, the program will appear to be doing its task faster. (I’m not an expert at this but maybe if you are on a laptop this will also drain its batteries a bit faster.) In our case in zkanji, while you are thinking about the answer to an item, the program can do “stuff”. For example, it can find the next item to show after the current one. Finding the next item is fast while there are not many items to study, so there would be no need to add a thread just for that, but after years and years adding new items, it can have a visible lag after the answer was given and before the new item is shown.

This is probably a very simple example, but as the lag wouldn’t be more than a second on slower computers, I don’t think it’s worth my time optimizing it. And also, you’ll be able to add new items to study any time. I will consider adding new threads for small things like this if they make my life easier and the program simpler, but threads come with their own complexities and difficulties, so avoid them if possible.

*Technically speaking, the “another part of the program” is another thread. Every program has at least one thread, even if it’s only the single main thread.

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