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Windows 7 integration

December 14, 2011 Leave a comment

I’m currently working on the integration of zkanji into the Windows 7 taskbar, so it doesn’t minimize to the notification area anymore on that system. (Though it can be reverted to the old behavior.)

With this change the windows of zkanji are all placed on the taskbar, and restoring the main window when minimized is done by selecting it from the list, so it’s not a one click action anymore. If I didn’t place all windows there, they wouldn’t appear in the alt-tab menu and alt-tabbing to zkanji would always restore the main window instead of selecting the popup dictionary for example. (In the current implementation, if you have a popup dictionary or popup kanji list open, the main window won’t appear in the alt-tab list, only on the task bar, but I can change that behavior if it doesn’t prove useful.)

As minimized programs can’t have the traditional right-click menu that a notification area icon has, I also have to populate the so called “task list”. (This only works on Windows 7, so there won’t be a menu for minimized programs on other systems, unless you keep the program in the notification area.)

It’s not done yet, I only have a test action on the task list, but it will have the usual commands like showing the popup dictionary in J-E or E-J mode, or showing the popup kanji list. If you have other ideas for actions (or even adding items to the traditional notification area icon’s popup menu) write a comment!

I was also thinking about how to use other Windows 7 taskbar features. For example the icon can be a progress bar as well, and it is also possible to place small icon overlay images on it to show a state. I couldn’t come up with anything useful yet, so if you have an idea, write about that too!